Dear Mr. President,

We wish you the best in your new position as the leader and chief executive of this nation. We’re sorry about all the flack you got from this nation during your election. We hope all of that is behind us now because today is a day for prayer and unity.

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Beliefs and opinions aside, we would be in full support of whichever candidate won this election. This is because we believe that a leader’s strength comes from their God and their people. As individual churches, we have many differing beliefs that span every political and moral issue. However, as a unified global church we can agree that it is our God-given duty to honor our leaders.

In all honesty, we’re wise enough to know you made a lot of promises during your campaign just so you would get our votes. Well, guess what President Trump? It worked. The church came out in droves to vote for you, but forgive us for remaining skeptical. You’ve got quite a track record behind you. Yet at the end of the day, we can both agree that America should be great.

You see, despite our differences we are both passionate about enriching the American lifestyle in our own ways. That makes us partners.

I have a challenge for you, Mr. President. The next time there’s a crisis, invite us along to help fix the problem with you. When there’s a flood that destroys a community of homes, invite us along to provide the support and labor needed to set that community back on its feet. When there’s a big decision to be made, invite us along to pray for you and your staff. When there’s a major disagreement between the church and the government, don’t look at us as enemies. Instead, invite us to a conversation that may allow you to better understand our people.

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We’re ready and willing to do our part in making the United States of America an incredible place to live, raise a family, start a business, and serve your country.

You’re not done hearing from us yet surely. We will whine and complain about every political detail that we consider to be an attack on our right to worship and evangelize freely. We will disagree with you on a myriad of issues that may not always be easy for you to understand unless you’ve spent years immersed in the culture of the church. We’re not all bad, though. Give us a chance.

In the meantime, we are praying for your success as a brother. We are praying for your success as a father. We are even praying for your success as our Commander and Chief.

Jesus loves you with an unending love Mr. President, and we love you too. You’re always welcome to worship with us.

– The Church