School is back in session. With the changing seasons it’s often a great time for a refresh, even a few new, cool items can make your ministry space the “place to be”. Consider checking out the super awesome items below as a way to get your kids and students excited about your ministry space this season!

Indoor Volleyball: Engaged. This a key word everywhere you turn. Everyone is always looking for the next cool thing to keep kids and students engaged. This super portable volleyball spike game is sure to do the trick.

Glow in the Dark Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and Mystical Fire: One of the best ways to kick off the fall is with a good bonfire. Each year when we hosted our Halloween alternative event, we had a bonfire on site and roasting s’mores was something everyone looked forward too. These super safe kid friendly GLOW IN THE DARK roasting sticks and these rainbow flame colourant logs will have everyone talking about your campfire for weeks on end.

glow in the dark marshmallow sticks

Giant Connect Four and Life-size Jenga: These are games we’ve mentioned before, because the size makes them super engaging. When kids make way into your ministry room, there can often be a moment of twiddling their fingers as they figure out what to do, how to overcome that momentary shyness, or make a new friend. A huge life size connect four or similar game helps them relax, have fun, so they can begin to open up their hearts and minds to be ministered too!

3 Foot Tall Gum Ball Machine: It’s the little things in life that make all the difference and gumballs are definitely a little thing that make a huge impact. Teenagers love gum, kids love gum, everyone loves gum. Consider using gum as a reward for good behavior or even a huge prop on stage, whatever the reason it’s always the right time for a three foot gumball machine!

Classic Arcade Machine: The grandfather of video games. This old school arcade machine has over 60 games, retro, cool and kid friendly with stools included. Let’s face it, kids, teens, even preschoolers like digital games, finding the sweet spot of how to include them in our ministries is the key. This classic arcade machine will have people and families of all generations bonding over Pac Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong and many other old school favorites.