This month we are talking all about leaders and leadership at This is our focus because we know how easy it is to fall into the trap of monotony in life. It’s easy just to do what’s expected of you, to get sucked into aimless social media clicking, aimless news article clicking, and aimless habits that don’t cause us to grow as people, leaders, or followers of Christ.

As cliche as it comes off, January is a time of the year when people often take inventory of their lives, habits, and workplaces and we want to encourage you to do that.

Ask yourself is my church growing? Is my staff doing the best work they can? Do they wake up thinking I get the privilege to serve the body of Christ? Ministry leader, are you making progress in your ministry? Are you equipped with the tools and relationships to grow and thrive as a ministry leader? Are you pouring into volunteers and other leaders? Are you encouraged by the books, print media, and social media that you are consuming?

I hope the answer is yes to all of those things. However, if it’s not, today let me tell you about a couple of things.

1. If you feel unequipped in your job or you feel someone on your staff could really use a jump start. We offer something called the Starter Pack. It is one on one training sessions that last for six months. It follows a curriculum that includes leadership development, volunteer recruitment and management, the best practices for weekend and production, systems and procedures, event planning and more. The people who have been a part of this really have been so impacted and transformed by it, and we’d love to come alongside your team and take them through their own Starter Pack. With the start of 2017, we made a few tweaks to this product and lowered the price. So, check it out.

2. Next month we are launching a new service called Church VIP. Church VIP in our opinion revolutionizes the entire coaching and consulting field. We are providing unlimited, tailored consulting and coaching that is not video based at a price that changes the game. For much less than a traditional onsite visit your whole staff can get an actual onsite visit and individual support all year around. So, if you’re looking to up your team’s leadership game, this could truly be the piece that you need.

3. Lastly, I am sharing ten social profiles that I believe will encourage you in your leadership and in the Lord and even in how you love. So, if you’re going to be online, make sure it’s lifting you up and helping you grow.

Our top ten favorite social accounts right now


Jarrid Wilson


There are so many voices on social media that you could potentially follow, it’s practically endless. I didn’t discover Jarrid until this past year, but I’m so glad I did. He has been so encouraging to all my feeds, since I started following him. He’s young and inspired; open and positive and so full of faith. Check him out.


Lon Williams


I’ve had the privilege of meeting Lon when I was on staff at a church. He is a hyped-up ADHD church leader, that makes you excited about ministry and Jesus all over again. He has four boys that are awesome, and his feed is so full of both family and faith and all that God is doing at Liberty Church.


Emily B. Cummins


Emily is up to good things. At age 25 she has already been on staff at two successful churches, working with the 4Sight Group and started her own ministry for women (and men), a site where people share stories of who they are becoming in Christ. Her social accounts are encouraging, so check them out.


Dale Hudson


Predominantly focused on KidMin, Dale is coming up with amazingly inspiring content each day to keep your head high, and your eyes focused on Christ. With a vibrant ministry background, Dale has such a seasoned ministry perspective, and it’s so good.


Jabin Chavez


As the creative pastor at Free Chapel in California, Jabin is both amazing at worship and a gifted communicator. This pours out in his tweets, as he aims to point people to Christ, and his Instagram is filled with photos of an absolutely adorable new baby girl.


Earl McClellan


Earl followed a dream to start a church in Dallas in 2010 and boy has God been faithful. Earl shares that journey, its growth and all that God is doing at ShoreLine on his Instagram and Twitter. His love for his wife, family and church are inspiring.


Kara Powell


Kara is the executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute and an amazing author. I first read her book Sticky Faith a long time back, and I’ve been a fan since. She is constantly putting out great articles for connecting with teens and young people from both a student ministry perspective and a parent perspective. Her newest book “Growing Young” has amazing strategies for the church in our changing world.


Landon Pickering


Landon has been challenging the status quo in Student Ministry for the last decade. He’s now the founder of Church Hustle which creates interesting, dynamic and relevant tools for student and creative ministries. He’s on fire for God, and his socials are always pushing ministry leaders towards both creativity and faithfulness.


Lynn Hybels


Lynn is awesome. She is the wife of Bill Hybels and together they started Willow Creek Ministries several decades ago. Willow Creek paved the way for so much of the modern church movement, and we are grateful for their love and grace. Today Lynn is most committed to reconciliation and peacekeeping for women and families in war-torn areas. Her tweets are sure to open your eyes to the work of God all over the world.


Kid President


Kid President will challenge you to love and dream like a kid again. Everyone could use a daily dose of leadership and love through the eyes of child and Kid President fits the bill.

Take action like this is the year your church and faith and leadership will grow!