We love the church. The local church, the global church, your church. This is why our team has committed their lives to serving her and helping churches thrive and grow.

This month on February 14th, we are launching a new service of everything.church called Church VIP. Church VIP is our love letter to the church. It is unlimited, personalized coaching and consulting at a price affordable to any ministry. To celebrate, we compiled the fourteen reasons that the church makes us swoon and why we still believe she’s the hope of the world.


“We swoon, because only a bride as beautiful as the church can bring real hope to people’s lives.”


” We swoon, because the church is the best place in the world to raise a family.”


“We swoon, because the church brings people together regardless of their race or background.”


“We swoon, because the church is the most creative place in the entire world.”


“We swoon, because the church is a place where you can be forgiven 77 x 7 times.” There is no place that encourages forgiveness as freely as the church.


“We swoon, because the church provides a platform to some of the great leaders in the world.”


“We swoon, because the church is a place of sacrifice that will do anything to help their communities thrive.”


“We swoon, because the church engages children in ways that schools can’t even touch.”


“We swoon, because of all the men and women that humbly volunteer to serve God’s kingdom.”


“We swoon because the church exists in every place that a believer sets their feet.”


“We swoon, because the church inspires incredible generosity in the hearts of men and women of all ages.”


“We swoon, because the church works hard to feed, clothe, and educate people in every dark corner of the world.”


“We swoon, because even though we worship in separate buildings every weekend, we are still a single church under one banner, Jesus Christ.”


” We swoon, because the church will outlive every nation on earth. The Church is truly timeless.”

Please consider praying about whether Church VIP would be the right fit for your church.

As a part of our love letter, we have decided to allow Church Plants under 100 people and churches under 100 people to name their own price, whatever they can afford or believe God leads them too. Our heart is that church plants and small churches with a heart to grow would take off, thrive and grow.

We love your church.
We are cheering for you!