The church has been a huge part of my life as far back as I can remember. From being a part of different churches growing up, to attending Christian school; the church has been a huge part of my upbringing. Sometimes when you’ve grown up with something, it becomes so familiar that you no longer see it’s best qualities, or you only focus on the flaws.

When it comes to the church, I feel like I’ve seen it all, the good and bad, but still, I love the church. There is something about being a part of both your local church and the united body of Christ that is rewarding, fulfilling and life-changing.

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here are the five reasons why i swoon over the church.



the impact the church has on the world as a whole.

The first church in Acts, the stories of missionaries like Jim Elliot and John Wycliffe, and of course Jesus Christ are all examples in history of how the church can have an impact on the world. Their lives physically changed the world around them while they lived and continue to impact lives now. No one can deny the mark the church has left on the world.

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you get to be a part of life change.

I can remember a weekend when my pastor was challenging both those who that had gotten saved in the past and those who had accepted Christ into their life that day to get baptized.

A father came running down the nursery hall and out the door to the kids building to get his son, so his son could see him get baptized! That father made the decision that day at church to give his life to Jesus and get baptized and wanted his 4th grader to see and be a part of it! This is just one of the many times; I have tangibly witnessed life change. I love being a part of people changing their family patterns and starting a new path!


people from different walks of life come together to worship one God.

In a world where there is so much diversity between race, religion, and politics, the church is a place where we can all come together no matter the differing in our opinions and worship the one true God! It’s rare to find that kind of unity and common purpose in a diverse group of people. There is something beautiful about knowing our God brings us together; and how that one being can change everything!


building relationships with people that are on the same journey as you.

As I started attending a church in my early adulthood, I found so many life breathing relationships. We quickly found people that were walking through the same stages of life that we were in and even some that weren’t; but because we were all on this journey with the same destination we could support each other through the rough times and rejoice in the happy times! Despite our differences, our common goals of raising children that love God, that “walk in grace” and add to the world, allowed me to make connections that make me so grateful for the community the church creates. 


the opportunity to be used by God in all my imperfection.

This is the number one reason for why I love the church. We all search for our purpose in life from the time we are teenagers. I see the search beginning now in my daughter who just recently turned 12. She wants her work and life to matter.

Even when it’s hard and mundane, and your deeds go unnoticed, working or volunteering at a church allows you to be a part of work eternal. As the church, we have a purpose from the moment we invite Jesus in our lives to be used by God!!! There is no greater thing! The God who created you, who parted the Red Sea, who rose people from the dead, wants you to be a part of His story!

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These are just a few of the reasons I have given my life to the church and the work of God. This story was a part of a series called #ChurchSwoon to celebrate the launch of Church VIP and all that God is up to at churches everywhere. Share what God is doing at your church in the comments below.