When it rains it pours. This week has been a heavy one. Ever have one of those as a church staff member? A week where you hear about all the tough stuff people are going through? In a week, I’ve scheduled multiple counseling meetings for marriages on the rocks and people struggling with addiction. I’ve received texts from those discouraged and down and out. Even right now, as I type, I have relatives crashing at my place, because they are officially homeless. One might ask, “why are you writing this post? Talk about bad timing.” I agree! Well, I did. Until now, because I remembered I’m doing this because people matter. 

As we head into Easter, we have already planned our services and outreaches as a church staff. I love every bit of it. After all, it is about the death and resurrection of our amazing Savior.

This is the victory we celebrate as Christians!

As a church, we want to put our best foot forward in representing Jesus on Easter, and rightly so. As a staff member working at a church, I would hope you have a love for people, or else, you are in the wrong business. But, I am one to admit, it can be so easy to be swept into the deep waves of Easter details and coordination.

Easter plans can involve a lot more than an average Sunday. But regardless of the details, we must always remember, as a church staff, not to forget about what matters.

Jesus matters.
People matter.
Because He matters, others matter.

Like I said before when it rains it pours. Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s raining in your life, it’s always pouring somewhere. Somebody somewhere is really going through it, and we need to be aware of, and sensitive to, that. Easter brings in all types of people


Easter is another opportunity to share the overcoming victory they can have through Jesus!

So, how can you lead your church staff to love people better this Easter season? Or should I ask, how can you lead your church staff to be more intentional with people?

cast vision.

Vision is so important. That’s why you have to let it leak; in meetings, while brainstorming, inside conversations. Be clear, be excited, and let people know the importance of their participation. They bring something special to the table. Don’t forget how wide the net is that you are casting this Easter time and the impact you will make. We all have the best job ever!

intentional awareness.

Most times there is a tight schedule. There are always things we have to do, but, in the midst of it, remind your staff to be intentionally aware of the people around them. Jesus had a mission and a timetable to the cross, but on the way there, He never wasted a single moment or opportunity. If there is downtime, don’t spend it in the green room or don’t spend it with people you talk to every week. Get out of your comfort zone and meet someone new. Remember this is the only time certain people step into your church.

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excellence in every ministry.

Too many people are walking around feeling worthLESS. No matter which ministry your staff oversees, by doing their role with excellence, they are showing others that they are so WORTH IT. When you show up as a guest to someone’s home and it is pristine, ready, welcoming, and there’s toilet paper in the bathroom (no shouting for help!), it feels good, right? We should be just as prepared as a staff. God gave his best, His one and only Son. I think that is a good enough example to give our best.

be encouraging.

Our world is the opposite of encouraging; so stinkin’ DISCOURAGING. People shouldn’t have to come to church to get beat up some more. They get that all week.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 guides us to, “…encourage each other and build each other up…”

Encouragement is a magnet. Your staff and volunteers should be the most encouraging people on the planet. Life isn’t perfect, but it means, as a church, we understand what you are going through. We are here for you and to tell you that with God you are going to make it.

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prepare your heart.

Be ready to minister. The more we prepare, the more we know God’s heart and the more we become like Him. What does scripture say about Peter and John in Acts 4:13?

“For they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.”

In the grand scheme of things we are ordinary, but because of Jesus, we are extraordinary. When all things fade, my hope is that people saw Jesus through me. We can do only do the four previous points well when we are spending time with God first.

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Remember what Easter is all about.

God loving the world so much that He sent His Son…
Easter is about people!

Especially people who don’t know about his love! How about this? Start praying today for all the people who will walk through YOUR doors that weekend. Don’t let Easter pass by in a blur. Make an eternal impact by loving intentionally!