being a mom is one of the greatest blessings in my life! it’s also one of the most exhausting and thankless jobs i’ve ever had.

However, in a moment, it can all change when you see your teenager worshiping God, hands raised up in surrender to our Savior. Suddenly, it’s all worth it; forget about the car ride there where you were just threatening to take away her phone if she doesn’t stop teasing her siblings!

Or what about the smile on your son’s face when he scores the game winning goal in a soccer game; even though that morning you were up at 6am tearing the house apart looking for his soccer cleat while he was sound asleep.

Or the sleeping baby in you your arms, she looks so peaceful and you’re trying to savor every moment because she’s your last and time goes by so quickly; but you can barely keep your eyes open with only one hour of sleep that night!

Mom wears her heart on her sleeve. She does so much and is pulled in so many different directions. She puts everyone and everything before herself and with a smile no less.

She’s the one who takes care of her family all week and then makes sure everyone comes to church to feed her family spiritually on a Sunday morning too.

So when that one day comes around each year to celebrate her; why not go all out! Make your moms feel extra special this Mother’s Day! From the time they walk through your doors pamper them from their tummy to their toes!

Mother’s Day is often cited as the third highest attended Sunday of the year. Moms want to be in church and they want their families to be there with them.

make sure she knows you prepared for her.

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here are four ways your church can make mother’s day irresistible

Massages. All mommies love any form of a massage! Hand massages, foot massages, shoulder massage, you name it! Why not provide an opportunity for your mom’s when they walk in to sit in a comfy chair, relax before service and get a foot massage by either an outside company or volunteers in the church! Any mom would feel loved to get a little massage after their crazy morning of getting their family to church.

Looking to go all out? Rent the total body massage chairs 

Coffee. Most mommies can’t live without it. Providing high quality iced and hot coffee for moms will be sure to make them feel special. Some other options to maybe “up your game” could be teen waiters taking orders and serving the mom’s their drinks, while they are getting their “massages”, socializing, or finding their seats for service. Don’t forget the whipped cream and sprinkles. Little touches go a long way.

Giveaways. Mom’s always do so much for everyone else, so providing a few gifts to be handed out that day specifically catered to these special ladies is extra special! From gym memberships, pedicures/manicures, facials, spa day, overnight stay; anything that can be directly used to love on our mom’s is totally worth it. It’s an easy way to collect guest information too.

Mom friendly church service. Your church service that day should be centered around Moms. Inviting a women speaker to preach with the “mom” in mind, providing videos (funny and heartfelt) to show the Mom’s of your church just how much you value them. Get the kid’s and the husbands involved, by showing videos of their families telling them in public how valued they really are!

These are just a few of my ideas. There are many more to be had, if you put a few brains together to decide what would best serve the mom’s in your church community. I’m sure your moms will be delighted!

* Don’t forget to be sensitive, not all women are moms, nor do they all want to be. Others want to be but aren’t yet, remember to speak life and hope to anyone who might be struggling in any way.