“Her children arise and call her blessed” – Proverbs 31:28

The last few weeks, we’ve been talking about Mother’s Day and making sure that you are planning to add any little touch where you can to love on the mom’s in your communities. 

when the church loves on moms, we extend christ’s love.

Since the reason that moms are moms is because of kids, sometimes the best place to start making a mom feel loved is with her kids.

It’s a little late to try and make a video using your church’s kids or to plan a performance using kids, keep those bookmarked for next year, but it’s not too late to make sure your Children’s Ministry or Student Ministry team has something planned.

I know this might seem a little crazy, but a lot of Children’s Ministry curriculums don’t actually include a plan for Mother’s Day. That’s because most curriculums aren’t released by date, so ministry leaders are using the same curriculum but all churches are at different spots based on when they started. Even time sensitive curriculums like Orange, don’t often do something for Mother’s Day because not everyone is on the exact same week. 

Any ministry that uses a curriculum knows that sometimes you prep weeks in advance, not always realizing what holiday might be upon you. So, if you want your Preschool, Kids, Middle School or Student Ministry to take part in doing anything for mom’s, they might need a friendly reminder to plan something. If you are a NextGen leader and you just realized you have nothing on the agenda, it’s not too late. 

Here are some of my favorite ideas of things you could make for mom this weekend. 

fingerprint poem mothers day

Finger Print Poem


Mother’s Day Jack in the Box – Kids could draw themselves too!

I'd pick you mother's day card
I’d pick you card

lion mothers-day-card-for-kids
Mom, you’re great and I’m not lion.

queen for the day-mothers day
Queen for the Day Card

eraser art Mother's Day

I love you eraser art

For this craft, kids could custimize their favorite things about their mom

ice cream cone mother's day

Ice Cream Cone with your favorite Mom toppings

hand print card mother's day

Mother’s Day poem with hand prints and template

Don’t want to get messy? Print this next printable in black and white and just have kids color

call her blessed printable

Call her blessed printable 

Older kids? No problem check out these lessons for middle schoolers and high schoolers

Ministry to Youth’s lesson

Creative Youth Ideas

You could of course have youth or teens serve moms in your church this weekend.

  • Have them put up sun umbrellas, and walk in mothers from their cars while providing them with shade. 🙂
  • If you are hosting a coffee, snack or candy bar, have them dress up and act like waiters.
  • They could individually usher mom to her seat (think wedding style.)
  • They could go around and clean the car windshields of all the mom vehicles.
  • You could of course have them make something for mom too, just help your teens to be mindful and loving, because moms of teenagers, don’t always get all the love that the moms of “littles” still get.

Last but not least if you are still looking for the finishing touch for your weekend experience, consider downloading our free Mother’s Day video “Kids Will Move Mountains.” One special version has an ending just for moms.  

As always be sensitive, to ladies who might not be moms or to people whose moms may have passed. However, everyone has a “mom” or has had a “mom” and most everyone will agree don’t forget to honor the mamas!