The heat rises, the sun sets later, the beach is calling everyone’s name… and church attenders start checking out. Sometimes it feels like when the nice weather hits, people disappear.

Anyone else feel me? At least a little?! The truth is summer can be just as busy as holidays. Summer is known for it’s BBQs, picnics, vibrant colors, activities and social engagements. Ride the wave of summer instead of fighting against it.

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here are some relational summer events that will keep people on their toes and connecting with others.


Why not have a big summer kick off at your church?! We did this last year and it was a huge success. Surprise your guests and attenders by doing something out of the ordinary. Church isn’t supposed to be boring anyway! The message preached was about being faithful and we celebrated our church milestones. It was an upbeat day that got everyone “jacked up” about Jesus. Switch up your playlist, throw beach balls from the stage, deck out your lobby with summer decor, and hand out ice pops to everyone on the way out. Why not get an ice-cream truck to stop by? The ideas are endless!


Summer is a great time to kick back with your volunteers. Sundays go by so fast, and team meetings are usually more business than relational. People who serve together really should be doing life together. That is how we connect on a deeper level. It makes what we do that much more impactful. So throw an all volunteer BBQ! Invite volunteers and their families to come. Break out Kan Jam, Bocce, and corn hole! Have a competitive game of volleyball. I mean, who can deny a good cheese burger on the grill anyway?


Let’s not forget about our Next Gen. After all, they are off for the summer! Events throughout the summer break get our students connecting with other students in the church.
Consider hosting a Kids Week?! A hybrid of VBS and summer camp that you can open up to the community. Get children inside and outside of church learning about God and building friendships.


Throw a beach bash for your students! No beach nearby, consider a pool party. Coordinate a few games, do a small devotional by the shore and fire up the grill. Then give them time to hang out, swim and have fun! Sometimes students won’t invite their friends to a youth service, but they might invite them out to something like this.


Some churches have organized sports, so why not have a spirit day at the park? Invite your church to attend a game. Prompt them to invite their friends and family who don’t know Jesus. Wear your church gear, bring some signs, cheer on the guys, and strike up conversation with everyone on the stands. After, you can have a potluck picnic to celebrate. All the kids have fun running around together, and if someone brings their pet dog- instant hit. 😉

Don’t have an organized sport at your church? Consider going to a local ball game and buying tickets in one section or something similar.


Take your service outside! It doesn’t have to be on a Sunday either. You can have your midweek service or “First Friday” services outside too. Don’t be afraid to theme it out! Luau? Campfire night? Use your imagination! Have volunteers bring their favorite side dishes and desserts, set up games for the kids or rent inflatables! Set out some folding chairs and strip down worship. Why not have baptisms outside too?! Invite a guest speaker to cap off the night. Getting out of the building can really be a breath of fresh air.

Build relationships, invest in the next generation, and share Christ’s love…all while keeping it interesting. As we head into the summer months, get your creativity flowing!

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Don’t have a bummer of a summer! Kick it up a notch and have some fun! Share some summer events you might be planning in the comments below.