The internet is the greatest communication invention known to man. It is also the biggest time sink any employee has ever known. Because you basically have a library, a psychologist, a country club, a church, and your own personal doctor at your fingertips open in 5 different window tabs. 

Jokes aside, the internet is truly one of the greatest sources of inspiration and information, but it’s really easy for all that great inspiration and information to go nowhere unless you have a way to easily categorize and organize all of the ideas and thoughts that you come in contact with. Pinterest, Trello, or even Apple Notes are all great tools and resources that we recommend to people when you want to “bookmark” an idea that they don’t want to forget. 

The month of May seemed to be teeming with great ideas for ministry leaders, that were super unique and just have to be shared.

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So, here are our seven favorite ministry related ideas that we saw floating around the internet this past month.

Some of these ideas might have a different original source, but this is where we saw them, so we are giving kudos to them. We hope they inspire you too. 

changed with love

Parents of super little ones, especially first time parents, often have a lot of anxiety about leaving their kids in the nursery. Every tiny show of excellence that you provide can help them to know that their child is safe, their needs are met, and they are well cared. We absolutely love the creative spin on this idea from 242 Community Church for showing an extra step of love to babies in the nursery. 

vbs sponsorship 

During the summer, church finances can sometimes run tight, and yet it’s the time of year that hosts VBS, summer camps, BBQs, parties and more, all things that cost money. This idea was floating around Facebook, as Murphy Church in Texas, put out a VBS sponsorship table, where totally separate from tithes and offerings congregants were able to sponsor a specific amount of money to help host the most awesome VBS that their church can put on. This concept could allow your members to feel directly involved in all types of events. 

dinner for six

This next fantastic idea is from Rolling Hills Community Church in TN. On their website, it’s now called, “Dinner for 8” and it’s open to more than just married couples, but here is what Jason Hale had to say about it when we stumbled across the idea. Seriously such a great community building concept!

“We started a program called “Dinner for Six” for young married couples in our church. The concept is extremely simple: pull together three married couples and match them up for three months.

Once you’ve matched them, it’s their responsibility to coordinate a dinner one time during those three months. I continually receive positive feedback on the connections that are being made as a result of this simple program that requires very little work and maintenance.”

celebrate employee anniversaries

This past month on Instagram stories from Craig Groeschel, at Life.Church, for the 5 year anniversary of one of his team members, Adrianne, there was a public shout out from him and balloons covering her desk. What an amazing practice of honor and celebration to just make your team love their job. Now Craig probably doesn’t shout out each employee, seeing that they have hundreds, but someone on your team that works closely with someone else surely could. Instagram stories is a great platform because it’s there for 24 hours (on the anniversary) , but doesn’t have to stay on your profile forever. 

provide free cards

This past Mother’s Day Newspring Church in Wichita, KS shared a photo of a super great idea. There were Mother’s Day cards left out in the men’s restroom for all the guys who needed a little extra help. However, men are not the only last minute planners, women, teens and young adults all can fall prey. Such a lovely expression of the church being there for you in a pinch when you need them. This could be used for several different holidays in the same way. 

jumbo sized connect 4

Every kid and student ministry is always looking for easy ways to engage kids and help them build relationships while at church. Games and competition are great means to help achieve that. This giant sized connect four would be a great activity to have out during transitions. It could even be used for a large group of kids where everyone gets one turn with a relay race attached to it. If you have some handy people around and wanted to allow them to use their giftedness, you could use this guide to make your own. 

shaves & haircuts for father’s day

Churches are always looking for super unique ways to not only love on their church family, but also to engage people who don’t attend church. Father’s Day is just around the corner and we absolutely loved this idea from Life Change Church in Dallas. They are offering one free cut or shave to each adult man in attendance. Depending on the size of your congregation this could get a little crazy, but what a fun and engaging idea for reaching the men in your church.